Nick Zinner | Slept in Beds

In the current exhibition, Nick Zinner presents his series of photos „Slept in Beds“ . Zinner about this series: „I was obsessed with documenting time when I was younger as soon as I realized it fades. This series began before I was in a traveling band, with all night exposures of myself sleeping using a pinhole camera with a polaroid back. I was searching for evidence and a memory of a time and space that I would inevitably forget about. I always loved the work of The Bechers and Sophie Calle, the cataloguing and the playful fixation. Whenour band began to travel and tour, I documented everything- every crowd, every bed. I didn’t want it all to disappear,especially as so much of the structures were the same- thepeople, details and locations different. I wanted to have asouvenir from each experience, each place , where there’s abeauty and a loneliness that a million songs have beenwritten about.“

Nick Zinners “Slept in Beds” portfolio upon request, prices starts at 100 EUR, please contact us