20 years of jbg part 1 | Maxwell Dunlop, MASCH, Petra Rintelen, Martin Stommel


July 12th – September 7th, 2024, janinebeangallery, Berlin
Vernissage on July 12th, 6 – 8 p.m

The janinebeangallery is pleased to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a special exhibition that focuses on the beauty and diversity of painting. Under the theme “Summer” we present works by Maxwell Dunlop, MASCH, Petra Rintelen and Martin Stommel.

The atmospheric paintings by the American artist Maxwell Dunlop take viewers into a world full of gravity and timelessness. His works show both expansive natural landscapes and magnificent interiors from bygone eras, which radiate a unique tension and silence.

MASCH, an artist born in the Rhineland in the 1950s, impresses in his drawings and paintings with a fascinating variety of shapes, colors and techniques. In their clear formal language, MASCH’s figures combine an enigmatic simplicity similar to that of archaic geoglyphs with humor and a desire to tell stories straight from everyday life. Strange gestures and symbols are naturally coupled with human closeness and down-to-earthness. This makes MASCH’s works as accessible as they are multi-layered and, especially in this combination, extremely fascinating.

In her pictures, Petra Rintelen focuses on the expression of life and things, exploring myth and dream moments in an unpretentious fusion of movement and stillness. Her paintings show a well-thought-out color composition that combines shadow and light in a harmonious balance.

Martin Stommel, as the fourth artist in the exhibition, brings a unique perspective and style that enriches the overall picture of the exhibition. Martin Stommel’s painting is a statement in the unrest of the world; a path, an attempt to find our way from the inferno to paradise. His lighting arrangements, the visionary compositions full of tension and drama, their expansive diagonals and gestures, the elongated bodies of the actors in his pictures all lead from the everyday to the question of meaning. In his pictures the world bursts, changeable happiness and fate booms in the eternal song of the world’s riddles.