exhibitions 2016 | Kathrin Günter and Tanja Selzer – „Séance“

Kathrin Günter and Tanja Selzer


photography and painting

January 9th – February 21st 2016

closing reception: February 21st, 4 – 9pm

Kathrin Günter knows all about the illusions of eternal fame and of everlasting love. She is familiar with the mechanisms of the media and all the different forms of manipulated adoration. For more than 15 years Kathrin Günter has been observing and studying every celebrity moment, particularly the simultaneous longing for attention and a desperation to stay out of the permanent spotlight. Kathrin Günter sees and records everything for what we call eternity.

Tanja Selzer lives and works as an artist in Berlin since 2003. Her paintings resemble snapshots of a dream, enchanted and unreal. Seemingly incoherent motifs are combined by the artist as a sequence of an ecstatic and dream-like plot, reflecting everyday sceneries, but continuously evading mere causality.

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