Arny Schmit | „I’ll be back soon“


„I’ll be back soon“

January 14th – March 11th 2023

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The wild and monochrome natural landscapes of the Luxembourg artist Arny Schmit oscillate between reality and abstraction. Architectural remnants are only vaguely to conceive in these sceneries and have almost become part of the surrounding organic matrix. The strong connection and the transition of man with nature in Arny Schmit’s works provide a broad magic abundance of associations found in these wild natural landscapes.
Arny Schmit finds his inspiration mainly in the observation of nature itself. Nature is a source of inspiration and a witness to life’s journey, transience and rebirth – themes that are all part of the artist’s work.
Urbanism, modernity and civilisation are represented by LED lights, which are worked into the pieces. They create a relationship with the space by going beyond the flat of the painting and contrasting with the depicted untamed nature. Such opposites characterize Arny Schmit’s paintings: nature and industry, light and dark, natural and artificial ornaments, image and reality.
Arny Schmit’s paintings are constructed as collages, thematic fragments are reassembled to form a dialogue, a synergy, a composition of different elements on different levels.
Since 2009, Arny Schmit has exhibited nationally and internationally in individual and collective exhibitions, i.a. in Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Belgium. Today his works are represented in various public collections: Ministère du Culture, Luxembourg; Lëtzebuerg City Museum, Luxembourg; Villa Vauban, Museum of Art of the City of Luxembourg; the private collection of Madame Catherine Deneuve, France; Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État, Luxembourg; etc.