exhibitions 2013 | Tanja Selzer – „Süsse Lügen“

TANJA SELZER “Sweet Lies”  August 31st – Oktober 12th 2013  opening reception: August 31st, 5 – 8 pmTanja Selzer

„Süsse Lügen“ („Sweet Lies“)

August 31st – October 12th 2013

opening reception:  August 31st (5pm – 8 pm) featuring the vineyard Johann Arnold

„With her new series Tanja Selzer refers to the early history of the nude, because then it was not romanticized by religion and moral but served above all the cult of fertility. Hence in the images of her new series „Sweet Lies“ Tanja Selzer not only fathoms the laws of painting in a very masterful way, but she also plays with the disposition of a society, which out of sheer weariness from virtual libido seems to need to go back to the shrubs.“



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