exhibitions 2019 | Inna Artemova – „Future Structures“

Inna Artemova

„Future Structures“

September 7th – October 12th

opening reception: September 6th 6 – 9pm

The structure of the paintings of the Russian artist Inna Artemova resemble sequences of storyboards or film stills, in which phantastic sceneries unfold. The depicted people, objects and architectures poise in an oddly unsettling limbo, as if the order of space, time and gravity were suspended.
In her exhibition „Future Structures“ Artemova continues this vertigo with a series of monochromatic paintings. Architectural structures float above a plain, single elements have spawned ever new structures in a kind of cellular division. In the next „scene“ female scientists bend over the miniature of this metabolic structure. A bursted egg has appeared above the horizon. Researchers open a spherical object out of which in turn other spheres, rays and constructivist items escape. A phalanx of struts flank a broad path, which opens up to a bright horizon, to which individual figures seem to move.
Time appears to have halted in these images. Are we on a journey to a utopian future or are we looking on the shattered remains of a failed civilisation?
Inna Artemova makes use of the description of a reality on the edge to speculative fiction, fluctuating between utopian and dystopian world concepts, to comment the profound transforming events, which have come upon the (post-) soviet society and whose consequences are still visible today.