exhibitions 2013 | Anna Boroy, Iva Vacheva and Agata Agatowska

Anna BorowyAnna Borowy, Iva Vacheva and Agata Agatowska

paintings, drawings and sculptures 

October 19th – December 31st 2013
opening reception: October 18th, 6 – 9 pm

 exhibition catalogue in PDF file format

Anna Anna Borowy (born 1985 in Uelzen, Germany), alumnus of the Masterclass of prof. Werner Liebmann at University of Arts Berlin-Weissensee, Germany. Anna Borowy lives and works in Berlin, Germany since 2003. The beauty in Anna Borowy‘s paintings is noticeably ambivalent, being real and powerful as such, but also immanently abyssal in its consequences and backgrounds. The female figures in her paintings appear innocent but are seductive and captivating at the same time.

Iva Vacheva (born 1981 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria), alumnus of the Masterclass of prof. Petrick, prof. Lucander at University of Arts, Berlin, Germany. Iva Vacheva lives and works in Berlin since 2004. Iva Vachevas paintings and drawings tell many little stories in which reality and fantasy, lust for living and sadness, erotic attraction and physical disgust, curiosity and weariness steadily blend into one another. Fearless and challenging she presents her often seemingly sinister visions, which always appear easy and humorous though.

Agata Agatowska (born 1976 in Oświęcim, Poland), alumnus of the Art Academy Wrocław, Poland (prof. Alojzy Gryt) and of the Art Academy Düsseldorf, Germany (prof. Thomas Grünfeld), doctorate at the Art Academy Wrocław. Agatowska’s thematic inspiration by surrealism is deprived of its baroque and eccentric character. In turn, the pop-art fetishism of objectiveness is deprived of trivialisation which is so often present in today’s art. Quite unexpectedly – what’s rather rare today – in her works the artist uses the simplicity and asceticism of the constructivist sculpture. Paradoxically, however, we can see the traces of the most elementary emotions in them.