exhibitions 2013 | Lori Field, Kristian Evju, Margarete Kreuzer

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Lori Field, Kristian Evju, Margarete Kreuzer

July 13th – August 24th 2013, opening reception: July 12th (6 – 9 pm)

The Norwegian artist Kristian Evju sees himself as a director or an assembler of conversations wherein the participants – be it animals, objects or persons – are frozen in a state of limbo; leaving it up to the viewer to infuse meaning or narrative. His drawings are like screenplays without scripts – epic dramas without action or movement.

“Using the ancient techniques of silverpoint and encaustic, American artist Lori Field creates stories in her compositions that reflect a history as rich and old as the mediums she uses. […] Fantastic creatures seem to play out a story. These souls are not unaware of their audience. In fact, the viewer has no choice but to play along. It’s unclear whether the stares that look out from deep within the surface are inviting you to play or seeking your assistance.” Nancy Tobin, New York Times

The Berlin based filmmaker, journalist and photographer Margarete Kreuzer presents a series of analog photographies. The subject of this photographies are flowers, deduced to strange abstractions.