Maxwell Dunlop | CV

The paintings of American artist Maxwell Dunlop are an investigation. One layer is the paint itself. What happens when colors mix together or transparent glazes are layered on top of each other? The next layer is observation. How does light reflect off of different surfaces? What are the structural elements of the shadows in a space? How do different viewpoints affect the perspective and feeling of an image? The paintings were built up slowly, looking, thinking and constantly making changes. They are a mixture of personal experience, art history, human history and physical properties of paint itself.

The paint drips and slides across the surface enforcing the flatness of the picture plane while simultaneously creating an illusion of space. These works exist in the realm where abstraction, representation, the past and the present all vibrate against each other and viewer is left to make decisions about what they see. They must engage and assemble the image in their mind, an interaction with the marks becomes an interaction with the subject matter.



born 1983 near Boston, USA, died 2023

1997 – 2001 

High School Diploma, Norwalk High School, Norwalk, CT, USA

2001 – 2005

Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA, USA


Neustart Kultur, scholarship, Bonn


solo and two person exhibitions:


              „Paradox  Reality“, janinebeangallery

P o e t i c  C o n t r a d i c t i o n , G a l l e r y 7 0 , Tirana , Albania (solo)


“Echo”, janinebeangallery, Berlin

“Empire,” Blink Art Group, Germany


„Landschaften“, Armin Völckers and Maxwell Dunlop, janinebeangallery

“Remains,” Blink Art Group, Germany


„Dunlop and Dunlop: A family Affair“, White Gallery, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA

„Father and Son“, Watershed Gallery, Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA


„Riffs“, Slag Gallery, Brooklyn, New York City, USA


„Realm“, Slag Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, USA


„Father and Son“, White Gallery, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA


group exhibitions:


Das  Kleine  Format  2022 , Stadtmuseum   Aichach ,  Aichach, Germany
74. Große   Schwäbische   Kunstausstellung, Glaspalast  Museum,  Augsburg, Germany

„Das Wunderland fehlte mir“, Andrea Damp, Maxwell Dunlop, Beate Höing, Petra Rintelen, Arny Schmit, janinebeangallery, Berlin


„Dezembersalon“, Galerie Taube, Berlin, Germany



„Anonymous“, Galerie am Kornerpark, Berlin, Germany
„New Paintings“, Lily Pad West, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



„Nature Mensch“, Nationalpark Harz, Sankt Andreasberg, Germany
Der Heise Kunst Preis, Karl Heinz Heise Foundation, Dessau



„Collaboration“, Leclerc Contemporary, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA



„Inside New York“, Flow of Art, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
„Oil and Steel“, White Gallery, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA
„Art of the Northeast“, Silvermine Art Guild, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA


„Urban Expressions“, Studio E, Danbury, Connecticut, USA