Maxwell Dunlop | CV

In the paintings of the US artist Maxwell Dunlop, atmospheres of peculiar gravitation meet spaces that both narrate with tension and open up a vast, silent timelessness.
On the one hand, his spaces are vast, open natural landscapes with mountains and skies full of clouds that stretch down into the valleys. On the other hand, Dunlop shows interiors of magnificent halls and representative foyers of a bygone, “classical” era. These interiors, though thoroughly marked by civilisational design and history, nevertheless seem strangely large, deserted and dark as if after their inhabitants had moved out. Human artefacts are placed here in distant perspective, like visiting a museum outside opening hours.

Maxwell Dunlop points out that he does not base his interiors on concrete models, but rather associates set pieces of his memories and ideas. The same applies to his landscapes, whose very personal pictorial compositions adhere to the inner show rather than wanting to repeat the real visit to a place. The “echo”, the reverberation of his paintings, corresponds to the artist’s inner sonar, with which he sounds out and reproduces his socio-cultural and natural experience.



born 1983 near Boston, USA

1997 – 2001 

High School Diploma, Norwalk High School, Norwalk, CT, USA

2001 – 2005

Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA, USA


solo and two person exhibitions:


“Echo”, janinebeangallery, Berlin

“Empire,” Blink Art Group, Germany


„Landschaften“, Armin Völckers and Maxwell Dunlop, janinebeangallery

“Remains,” Blink Art Group, Germany


„Dunlop and Dunlop: A family Affair“, White Gallery, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA

„Father and Son“, Watershed Gallery, Ridgefield, Connecticut, USA


„Riffs“, Slag Gallery, Brooklyn, New York City, USA


„Realm“, Slag Gallery, Chelsea, New York City, USA


„Father and Son“, White Gallery, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA


group exhibitions:


„Das Wunderland fehlte mir“, Andrea Damp, Maxwell Dunlop, Beate Höing, Petra Rintelen, Arny Schmit, janinebeangallery, Berlin


„Dezembersalon“, Galerie Taube, Berlin, Germany



„Anonymous“, Galerie am Kornerpark, Berlin, Germany
„New Paintings“, Lily Pad West, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



„Nature Mensch“, Nationalpark Harz, Sankt Andreasberg, Germany
Der Heise Kunst Preis, Karl Heinz Heise Foundation, Dessau



„Collaboration“, Leclerc Contemporary, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA



„Inside New York“, Flow of Art, Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
„Oil and Steel“, White Gallery, Lakeville, Connecticut, USA
„Art of the Northeast“, Silvermine Art Guild, New Canaan, Connecticut, USA


„Urban Expressions“, Studio E, Danbury, Connecticut, USA