exhibitions 2016 | Anya Janssen – „Retroactive“

Anya Janssen


June 11th – August 20th 2016

opening reception: June 11th  4 – 9pm

Anya Janssen RETROACTIVE online catalogue

The starting point for the exhibition „Retro-active“ is a long-cherished wish of Anya Janssen: the idea of an exhibition of her „key works“ – artworks standing out as significant markers in the oeuvre of the artist. These are paintings which served following art pieces of Janssen as a reference, to organize and connect them or to function as a „master key“ for the concept of a series.
Anya Janssen decided to show a „best of“ of her paintings from the different series of the past 20 years. From the self-portraits in „Animal Urge“, the identical twins in „Double-Edged”, the wild girl in „The Shapeshifter” to the deceased residents in „The House”.
A mere retrospective means in contrast to the present work of an artist rather a review of inventory, whereas „retro-active“ indicates an active, vivid connection to the present and an interface to the creations of Anya Janssen to come.

Anya Janssen lives and works in Arnhem, the Netherlands.  Her work is exhibited worldwide and part of several collections, including the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem, DELA, ABN/AMRO, Diesel, Delta Loyd, Ohra and Menzis. The House will travel to multiple museums and venues as a travelling exhibition.

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