exhibitions 2021 | High on Paper

Inna Artemova, Anna Borowy, Florian Fausch, Kathrin Günter, Juan Miguel Pozo, Arny Schmit

„High on Paper“ February 4th– April 10th 2021

In the exhibition „High on Paper“ (February 4th – April 10th 2021) janinebeangallery focuses on artworks on paper. Featured are works by the artists Inna Artemova, Anna Borowy, Florian Fausch, Kathrin Günter, Juan Miguel Pozo and Arny Schmit.

The structure of the drawings of the Russian artist Inna Artemova resemble sequences of storyboards or film stills, in which phantastic sceneries unfold. The depicted people, objects and architectures poise in an oddly unsettling limbo, as if the order of space, time and gravity were suspended.

The drawings of Swiss artist Florian Fausch are utopian architectural landscapes with a formal language which follows its own laws. These are places as well as „nonplaces“ at once, circling the concept of the painting. Landscape and interior space are being unfolded and splintered, interlock with each other again and form something entirely new.

Berlin artist Kathrin Günter relocates her conceptual conjunction of voodoo-spirits and celebrities into the living spaces of the latter, i.e. into the houses and rooms of stars and prominent figures. Without their actual inhabitants and now possessed and blurred by spirits, these spaces are presented as a surreal adaption of the ghost photography of the early 20th century.

Juan Miguel Pozo‘s drawings connect everyday artificiality as a feature of dogmatized utopias with their inherent structural weaknesses and their result in disintegration and collapse. For Pozo these experienced processes, respectively periods of time are one entity, the ideologic vision inheres its own demise as well as a social ruin bears the retention and gain of a cultural essence.

Anna Borowy’s motifs are primarily human characters and moments, depicted portrait-style and manifesting particular events. Anna Borowy’s works succeed in generating genuine processual beauty and are capable to derive from this constituent any other living or dead facet.

Arny Schmit‘s depictions are rather unidyllic realms, chaotic vegetation and rampant, perilous weather prevail. This atmosphere is created and supported by his deconstructive since ablating wipe technique which repeatedly skews and crosses shapes and layers of paint. The mounted fluorescent tubes on some of his works contrast strongly, encumbering the depicted landscape with an epitome of industry and civilisation.