exhibitions 2020 | „Art Is a Remedy – A Midsummer Night’s Dream“

June 19th – August 22nd 2020

Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Kathrin Günter, Florian Fausch, Beate Höing, Rogelio Manzo, Juan Miguel Pozo, Arny Schmit, Martin Stommel, Armin Völckers


Art cannot replace a medicine and is yet a remedy against the estrangement and fear of the symptoms of time. A phenomenon like social distancing for instance is nothing new or strange neither thematically in artworks nor in the biographies of their artists. For the creative process uncertainty and change are rather the rule than the exception.

In the second part of the exhibition we present mainly portraits. Interestingly a part of these artworks has been produced during the shutdown of the Corona crisis. Thus the perception of a period is provided which on the one hand has been experienced as a standstill and on the other hand as an extensive turning point.