Hannah Jones

Hannah Jones is a painter born in 1990 in Wales, who lives and works for several years now in Berlin. She has already exhibited internationally in Berlin, Paris, New York and Greece, among other places.

The paintings created by Hannah Jones are characterized by a rhythmic flow that allows the viewer to follow this course, developing an individual view of the artist’s work.

Jones’ artworks are characterized by a unique synthesis of colors, shapes and rhythms. She finds in abstraction the freedom to express her creative vision without being bound by realistic conventions. In her artistic work, Hannah Jones draws inspiration from many sources. In her visual arts, it is abstract painters such as the American artist Amy Sillman, but also artists of her own generation such as Danielle Mckinney and Beverly Renekouzou. She is also concerned with an exploration of the female perspective in art and the creation of artworks that establish a connection between creation and destruction.