Arny Schmit

For the realization of his works, the Luxembourg artist Arny Schmit uses multilayered cardboard as a support in order to create a third dimension to his universe. His wild and monochrome natural landscapes oscillate between reality and fantasy. The artist finds his inspiration mainly through the observation of nature itself. Nature is a source of inspiration and a witness to life’s journey, transience and rebirth: all themes that are part of the artist’s work. Arny Schmit’s paintings are constructed as collages, where thematic fragments are reassembled to form a dialogue, a synergy, a composition of different elements on different levels.
The represented untamed nature is contrasted with LED lights and cardboard, which is a disposable material par excel- lence of our society. Arny Schmit loves opposites: light and dark, natural and artificial ornaments, image and reality, nature and industry.