exhibitions 2018 | „Strange Matter“

„Strange Matter“

Fabio La Fauci, Juan Miguel Pozo, Arny Schmit and Dominik Schmitt 

April 27th – July 7th 2018 | opening reception: April 26th 2018, 5-8 pm

press release -Strange Matter-


Born in Cuba and currently residing in Berlin, the painter Juan Miguel Pozo pursuits a pictorial narrative in his work that distinctly rejects the discursive, instead seeking the symbolic significance of personal and collective memory. Lost mythologies intermingle with the legends of large cities. Alongside a tangible enthusiasm for the historical and anecdotal on Berlin‘s streets and the facades of its buildings, the fragile, sun drenched beauty of Havana also comes through in his formal compositions.

Fabio La Fauci‘s work, often inspired by Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, oscillating between abstract geometry and organic reality, escapes conventional attempts of artistic classification.

Through fragmentation, juxtaposition and collage, Arny Schmit multiplies the reading modes and digs the strata of the image. The beauty of his women contrasts with their loneliness and sadness, the enticing colors are soiled with spurts, the shapes are torn to reveal the underlying, the reverse side of the coin, the unknown, the duality.

Dominik Schmitt‘s artworks comprise paintings and drawings, but also video art. He manifests his anatomical introspections in a both morbid and ironic way on canvas and thereby addresses subjectivity as well as questions about art and its conception. Despite all modernity Schmitt makes formal use of elements of the Renaissance and Christian iconography.