exhibitions 2015 | „Little Wonderland“

„Little Wonderland“
painting, photography and sculpture
Inna Artemova, Anna Borowy, Lori Field, Grigori Dor, Margarete Kreuzer and Ulla Reiter
December 6th 2014 – February 14th 2015

Anna Borowy

In her paintings Inna Artemova blends memories with the presence and refers to her life as a Russian in Germany. The distance to her descent creates the opportunity to screen nostalgia in a critical painting way.

Grigori Dor examines in a masterly photo-realistic technique „The Archeology of Dreams and Desires“ of the generation Y and challenges thereby the world of glossy magazines and general hedonism.

Influenced by cartoon characters and the world of consumption together with a love of experimentation, Ulla Reiter puts into shape impressing mystique sculptures out of the unconventional material of foam.

In the photographic artworks of Margarete Kreuzer the reason of the binary code is bend over the relativity of experienced time.

The American artist Lori Field creates portraits through encaustic paintings as well as drawings with the silverpoint. She reinterprets not only two ancient techniques, but also generates her very own wondrous spheres.

The self-sufficient protagonists of Anna Borowy mirror and unmask the narcism of a world in obsession with beauty.

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