exhibitions 2015 | Lori Field – „Tyger Tyger“


„Tyger Tyger“

November 14th  2015 – January 2nd 2016
opening reception: November 13th, 6 – 9 pm

Lori Field crafts exquisite and wondrous worlds, dreamy yet unsettling, floating somewhere between Alice’s looking glass and the Brothers Grimm’s darkest forest. Here, part-creature, part-humans, nearly all tattooed, coexist among flowers, baubles, butterflies, and lace. Whether they are masked, or true hybrids with twin kitty heads or antlers springing from their hair, they are nearly all female, their attendant mystiques running the gamut from sugar-and-spice to the huntress Diana and the temptress Eve. While well grounded in the history of art—Bosch, Raphael, and Redon come immediately to mind—Field’s paintings are refreshingly defiant of tradition, in a world of their own.

Barry Blinderman, Director of University Galleries of Illinois State University

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