exhibitions 2018 | Inna Artemova – „Reinventing Utopia“

Inna Artemova

„Reinventing Utopia“

March 17th – April 21st 2018

opening reception: March 16th 6 – 9pm

In her latest series of paintings titled „Reinventing Utopia“ artist Inna Artemova shows highly dynamic structures of beam-like lines in conjuction with spherical objects and interacting persons. These chaotic arrangements have—though defying any static equilibrium—obvious architectural features. They are in fact not only unstable but either in a state of fall or floating. The constructions in motion can be perceived accordingly ambivalent: Likewise as a frantic build up or a catastrophic breakdown. In this sense Artemova‘s depictings are to be seen as a recurring appearance and passing of Utopias, while the wild shapes of nascent and disintegrating ideas tower the affected people overwhelmingly.