Jose Girl and Nick Zinner


exhibition: April 25th – July 6th 2024

opening: April 25th 2024, 6 pm

The janinebeangallery is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an extraordinary exhibition. Under the theme „Aura of Rock’n’Roll“ the gallery presents photographs by artists Jose Girl and Nick Zinner. Jose Girl, an internationally recognized photographer from Spain, has made a name for herself through her surreal and profound images. Her carefully digitally modified photographic allegories are reminiscent of old master paintings but infused with contemporary elements. Music plays an ever-present role in her creativeprocess, shaping the nuanced universe she captures in her images. For the upcoming exhibition, Jose Girl and the gallery have selected photographs by the artist that have been taken in recent years and in part have never been presented before. These include portraits of musicians and libertines from the artist’s world.

Nick Zinner is an integral part of the New York art and music scene as well as guitarist for the band „Yeah Yeah Yeahs“. He studied photography at Bard College, New York and in Lacoste, France. In the upcoming exhibition, Nick Zinner presents his series of photos „Slept in Beds“. Zinner about this series: „I was obsessed with documenting time when I was younger as soon as I realized it fades. This series began before I was in a traveling band, with all night exposures of myself sleeping using a pinhole camera with a polaroid back. I was searching for evidence and a memory of a time and space that I would inevitably forget about. I always loved the work of The Bechers and Sophie Calle, the cataloguing and the playful fixation. Whenour band began to travel and tour, I documented everything- every crowd, every bed. I didn’t want it all to disappear,especially as so much of the structures were the same- thepeople, details and locations different. I wanted to have asouvenir from each experience, each place , where there’s abeauty and a loneliness that a million songs have beenwritten about.”