Ho Ho Ho | Salon

Ho Ho Ho

November 11th – 31. December 2023

Christmas Salon, opening November 30th 5 p.m. janinebeangallery Salon

A pre-Christmas exhibition in the janinebeangallery salon with works by Andrea Damp, Peter Doherty,
Jose Girl, Beate Höing, Arny Schmit.

…more works upon request

The Berlin-based painter’s work focuses on the theme of landscape, which has played a central role for her from the very beginning of her artistic career. The artist, who was born on the island of Rügen, takes up the dense and multifaceted nature and history of her homeland, whose atmosphere she condenses into panoramas of enormous narrative power in her canvases.

As the frontman of the Libertines and the later founded Babyshambles Peter Doherty (born 1979) has been one of the influential figures of rock music of the past 20 years or so. Though as publicity not as effective, he also has been continuously productive in the genre of fine arts. As early as the late 1990s—when Doherty and Carl Barât shared an apartment—his ideas made their way into music, texts and paintings likewise.

Jose Girl, born in 1977 in Zaragoza, is a Spanish artist who has lived in California since 2010. The artist’s photographic work is deeply rooted in Spanish and Latin American culture.
To date, Jose Girl has exhibited her work primarily in California, Spain and Mexico. She has also directed or art directed several documentaries and music videos. To date, the artist has published three photography volumes („Bunbury, En Plano Secuencia,“ 2015; „Tesoro, Diario Fotográfico HDS Tour 2007,“ 2008; „El Aragonés Errante,“ 2006).

Spanish photographer Jose Girl explores and uncovers recurring dream experiences in her series of photographs titled „Tenebris Somniorum“. She does not merely reproduce the scenes in her works, but transforms them into her own images. The viewer becomes part of a oneironautic reflection.

Beate Höing—inspired by the ornamental and the textural material used in the cultural-historical folk art of fairy tales and myths as well as of traditions and rituals—took up these influences in her painting and ceramic work. Out of them she has created her own autonomous iconography. Hereby already inherent,associated and recollected images come together in an ambivalent game of reality and fiction where dreams and nightmares, relief and dread lie side by side. Materiality and form are thus inseparably linked. Furthermore the artist’s oil paintings and ceramic sculptures, including her installations, tell of a passion for the beauty, the delicacy and the aesthetics of things as well as of a playful lust for all innate possibilities.

Since 2009, Arny Schmit has exhibited nationally and internationally in individual and collective exhibitions, i.a. in Luxembourg, Germany, Spain and Belgium. Today his works are represented in various public collections: Ministère du Culture, Luxembourg; Lëtzebuerg City Museum, Luxembourg; Villa Vauban, Museum of Art of the City of Luxembourg; the private collection of Madame Catherine Deneuve, France; Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État, Luxembourg; etc.