Rogelio Manzo | „Corporeal and Incorporeal Structures“

Rogelio Manzo „Corporeal and Incorporeal Structures“

August 20th  –  November 5th  2021

The exhibition is supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds and the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

you may virtually visit the solo exhibition of Rogelio Manzo as well as our Salon using this link.


In the solo exhibition titled „Corporeal and Incorporeal Structures“ janinebeangallery presents assemblages by the Mexican artist Rogelio Manzo.
For Rogelio Manzo, the practice of portraiture is more than a way to capture a likeness. His darkly compelling images of the human figure reflect a blend of cultural influences, as well as an underlying concern with the fragility of life. In his work Manzo seeks to reveal the character of his subjects as they are „forced“ to be themselves. He goes beneath the body’s protective layer of skin, which registers all personal events that scar the human being, to reveal their fragility and inevitable mortality.
„Through these works I am exploring the different stages of our lives as human beings“, Manzo explains. „For me the skin is not only our protective varnish against harmful exterior forces or the medium with which to be touched and caressed, it is also where we register all of our personal events that somehow had touched us enough to scar us.“
Manzo studied architecture while simultaneously making an informal study of painting. But he found architecture „too strict“. In the following years, he brought his architectural and drafting skills to play -working in that field to earn a living- until eventually, he made the welcome discovery that full-time commitment to his passion for art was in fact a viable career choice.
Although Manzo has been developing his technique and exploring portraiture for about 15 years now, he „will never stop exploring portraiture“, as he ensures us. He has been working on other subjects and areas that interest him: „I´m a pragmatic artist, I´m always curios of finding new ways in trying to make sense of my reality“ he states. Manzo’s brush with architecture inadvertently yielded his unusual choice of materials: resin panels designed for use as interior wall treatments, as well as metal panels (copper, aluminum, stainless steel), synthetic paper, fabrics, resin, etc; and also traditional materials like paper and canvas and metals like bronze, copper and aluminum he uses in sculpture. He likes to play with different techniques and art types, to make them work together like edging, screen-printing, oil painting, image transfers, stitching, ceramics, video and art installation, etc. He produces an assemblage of multidisciplinary techniques that transcend typical visuals trying to find new ways of visual deciphering.
Manzo’s work is shown throughout USA, Mexico and Europe, at solo and group shows in galleries, international art fairs and museums, most notably at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. His work is part of important private collections like The Karen and Robert Duncan Art Collection and of El Museo de La Cancilleria, Mexico City.