„High on Paper“

February 4th – April 10th 2021

with paper works by the artists  Inna Artemova, Anna Borowy, Florian Fausch, Kathrin Günter, Juan Miguel Pozo, Arny Schmit

Orion Shima and Martin Stommel

“Moonlight at Noon”

April 28th  – July 3rd  2021

The exhibition is supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds and the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Inna Artemova and Juan Miguel Pozo

July 16th  –  August 14th 2021

Rogelio Manzo

August 20th  –  September 24th  2021

Velimir Ilisevic – „Striking roots“, curatet by  thielbeer.art

September 30th  – November 6th 2021

supportet by the Swiss Ambassy