Lisa Kränzler | ZUGUKA

Lisa Kränzler


November 3rd  2023 –  January 20th 2024


Lisa Kränzler, „ZUGUKA“


Lisa Kränzler, born in Ravensburg in 1983, studied painting and graphic arts at the Karlsruhe Art Academy from on 2005. In 2012 she completed her studies as a master student under Tatjana Doll. The artist has also been active as a writer since 2012 and has achieved remarkable success with her novels.

In the field of visual arts, Lisa Kränzler devotes herself to painting and drawing. She creates her large-format representational paintings entirely from color, where a partial proximity to the cartoon is obvious. She uses varnis and acrylic colors, which she applies to paper.

„As far as painting is concerned, Kränzler is preoccupied with undermining its convention. She pursues this preoccupation with impudence and ruthlessness, but without naiveté.“