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„ART IS A REMEDY“ – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

June 19th – August 22nd 2020

Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Kathrin Günter, Florian Fausch, Beate Höing, Rogelio Manzo, Juan Miguel Pozo, Arny Schmit, Martin Stommel, Armin Völckers

Art cannot replace a medicine and is yet a remedy against the estrangement and fear of the symptoms of time. A phenomenon like social distancing for instance is nothing new or strange neither thematically in artworks nor in the biographies of their artists. For the creative process uncertainty and change are rather the rule than the exception.




Du, Venus und Ich / You, Venus and I
September 8th – October 13th 2018

opening reception: September 7th 6 – 9pm

In the exhibition “You, Venus and I” janinebeangallery puts in context the artworks of the artists Anna Borowy and Beate Höing together with those of Peter Doherty and Jonathan Meese

Collages of the British artist, musician and poet Peter Doherty meet the paintings of Berlin artist Anna Borowy, the impetuous mixed media works of Jonathan Meese interact with the subtle sculptures made of ceramic by Beate Höing.
The exhibition not only offers the opportunity to rediscover the respective characteristics of each artistic position through their dichotomies by comparison thus to gain new perspectives on them. Furthermore common features reveal among the artworks, which are initially perceived rather complementary. Besides all contentual charge and emotional dedication to the motifs an unpretentious approach to the subjects by all artists of the exhibition can be noticed. This is established by a distinctly visceral,  straightforward technique and by the vivid authenticity of the artist‘s directly appealing contents and open concepts.

Anna Borowy, Peter Doherty, Kathrin Günter, Sebastian Mögelin


July 6th – September 29th 2019

opening reception July 5th 7pm

Studio Wiehre, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany