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Daniel Harms and Dominik Schmitt

Daniel Harms and Dominik Schmitt

March 4th – April 22nd 2017

opening reception: March 3rd, 6 – 9 pm

From March 4th to April 22nd 2017 the janinebeangallery juxtaposes the paintings of two artists, whose works are both strikingly exuberant with content and distinctive in their styles.

Dominik Schmitt and Daniel Harms have in common the recurring inclusion of personal perspectives and references in their works. Harms occasionally describes his works as diaries in a XL-size and Schmitt denotes in his paintings autobiographic traits.

Born in Hamburg and living and working in Berlin, Daniel Harms started painting virtually spontaneous after a turning point in his life.  His artworks depict an unpretentious disassociation and recombination of conditions. This imagery is filled by a luminous colorfulness and shows characters in overlapping spaces and times.

Dominik Schmitt comes from the deep south of Germany, from a town called Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. His artworks comprise paintings and drawings, but also video art. Thematically he addresses subjectivity as well as questions about art and its conception. Despite all modernity Schmitt makes formal use of elements of the Renaissance and christian iconography.