I AMsterdam You BErlin

I AMsterdam YOU BErlin / Contemporary art from Amsterdam and Berlin – „HIDDEN TREASURES“ at St. Johannes Evangelist-Kirche, Auguststraße 90, 10117 Berlin

from janinebeangallery: Inna Artemova, Anna Borowy and Dario Puggioni

open: Friday – Sunday, 1– 3 May 2015, daily: noon – 7 p.m.

opening: Thursday, 30 April 2015, 7 – 10 p.m. (public)

Galerie AdK, Galerie Bart, Galerie Brandt, Cityscapes Gallery,
Livingstone gallery, Vriend van Bavink, Galerie Wit

C&Kunterwegs Galerie, janinebeangallery, Jarmuschek+Partner,
lorch+seidel, Petra Riez Salon Galerie, seifert | lardon, Wichtendahl Galerie

For the third time Amsterdam and Berlin based galleries organise a collaborative exhibition that displays current positions of Contemporary Art. Titled as I AMsterdam YOU BErlin works of international artists will be shown in the St. Johannes Evangelist church in Auguststraße.
Parallel to numerous exhibition openings in Berlin, I AMsterdam YOU BErlin presents thereby a concrentrated insight into the vivid contemporary art scene of two cities with a rich background of artistic tradition.
With 10 participating galleries and 4.000 visitors at one weekend, the second issue of I AMsterdam YOU BErlin has already been a great success. This year the sacral environment stirs again a special interaction with the space, whereby it invites to include the spacial component for the presentation. Works of 37 artists from 11 nations will be displayed. The focus is therefore set on painting and drawing, but also genres like installation, photography and sculpture are represented. Entitled as “Hidden Treasures“ the exhibition holds for the first time a concrete metatopic,
of which every of the 14 galleries is inspired by. Therefor it creates on a superior level a diverse metatopic-related exhibition of different positions.

The aim of this event is the intercultural exchange and the presentation and imparting of Contemporary Art. Each artwork is linked to the exhibition topic and of course can be purchased.
The entrance is free. The project takes place in collaboration with the Kulturbüro Elisabeth. During the opening on 30th of April the artist and musician Melle presents at 8 p.m. a musical performance.