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Excerpt from a conversation of writer Ariane Conrad with Anna Borowoy about her artwork. Ariane Conrad is renowned as a co-creator of three New York Times bestsellers, having written for Van Jones and others.


painting for the movie “Under The Family Tree”





















Anna Borowy at German ART Magazine ATELIER October 2017




NDR Nordmagazin (German TV Magazine) November 24th 2015 by Benjamin Unger about Anna Borowy and Janine Bean


Anna BorowyUnser Lübeck Magazin





LUX Magazin


Anna BorowyAnna Borowymovie poster by Anna Borowy
VIERZEHN and ACHTZEHN documentary
Directed By Cornelia Grünberg




German Vogue Magazin April 2014

Sensualidad En Los Trazos De Anna Borowy, Luis Guillermo Sánchez, March 17, 2014  <<<

Anna Borowy

VICE MAGAZINE: Images of the paintings “You and Me” and “Polarprinz” by Anna Borowy in the current issue of Vice Magazine (German language) “The Fiction Issue 2013″ as illustrations of the short story “Doktors Spielchen” by Vea Kaiser

Anna Borowy

Anna Borowy und eine wundersame Welt… by Frau Nuff January 21st 2013

FashionDaily January 15. 2013, by Janine Dudenhöffer page 20 <<

Dem Kokon entschlüpft December 12th 2012 by Simone Raith at Kunstmagazin <<<

RBB Fernsehen (German TV show Stilbruch) November 22nd 2012  Anna Borowy Link



Anna Borowy Art Review: “Champagnerbad” at Janine Bean Gallery, berlin art parasites Every Little Girl’s Dream? Photo: Chris Phillips read more


Brüderchen vom Schwesterchen

03/2012 Märchenhaftes bei Janinebeangallery (Kunstmagazin(art magazin) Berlin) <<<

MONOPOL MAGAZIN, Videobeiträge art Karlsruhe 2012


MONOPOL MAGAZIN, Videobeiträge art Karlsruhe 2012

Polarprinzarticle <<<


BERLINER MORGENPOST Donnerstag, 3. November 2011 Alice im Wunderland in der Ausstellung “Hinter den Spiegeln” article <<<

Pivate Curators

Prenzelberger Stimme

The Exberliner




ART & Design Magazin – Berlin’s janinebeangallery Hosts Killer Group Show By Nick Schonberger | Feb 3, 2012 | 2:27 pm | link


532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

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