Florian Fausch

Florian Fausch’s way of painting is very complex, by bringing divergent objects formally to an entity. In this case, the colour takes the double role as illusionist means and as material released from the mimetic task. Sometimes the image area seams to be for Florian Fausch the experimental field for the different kinds of uses of colours separated from the objects according to the varieties of the recent art history. Sometimes, the colour is put in a very liquid condition on the canvas and the flow of the colour is provoked by moving the plate. Tears of colours and cords are conquering the surface in tentacle-like fashion. Apart from transparent varnishes, thick, in broad swathes applied colours are rising from the space. Smooth transitions are changing with rigid razor-sharp contours which are force by tapes. Surface encounters spatial dimensions, small-scale attention to detail encounters generous emptiness. A painting method that looks at the first glance like free playing with the possibilities of colour, is always integrated in the geometric framework of the splintering perspective. And even more: the labile arrangement only generates itself from the colour.

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