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Kristian Evju

Kristian Evju – Artist Statement

I am intrigued by visual perception and how our conscious and subconscious filtering processes can serve as cues to unlock memories and spin new threads of thought. I see myself as a director, or an assembler of conversations wherein the participants – be it animals, objects or persons – are frozen in a state of limbo; leaving it up to the viewer to infuse meaning or narrative. My compositions are like screenplays without scripts – epic dramas without action or movement. The moments they depict do not exist, and have never existed, yet they are not untrue. I have chosen to work with pencil on paper as a means to celebrate the slow construction of an image. Rather than mere renderings, I want each work to become an investigative journey of collaged research, observation and imagination. By using such a basic, limited medium, each work also become autobiographies. The visual accessability of the finished work is juxtaposed to the the careful engineering of signature marks that each rendering contains.